Daily Hope


I have attached a poster relating to a new free-phone support line set up again by the

Church of England - Called DAILY HOPE 

The Archbishop Justin Welby's comments if you press star on your phone are a good listen to hear why they've set up the free-phone number. I found it very moving and it made me proud to be an Anglican priest. 

  1. option 1 takes you to Hymns we love, (a lovely reflection on the hymn of the day followed by a time of prayer)
  2. option 2 = hymns being played on a loop for you to listen to and sing along to.
  3. option 3 = prayers appropriate to the times we find ourselves living in.
  4.  . . . takes you to more options . . . 
  5. is a weekly act of worship with a breath of music and hymns and prayers, I found it really well done with a good balance of contemporary and traditional. 
  6. allows you to follow and join in with morning and evening prayer
  7. Up to date advice on the coronavirus.

or zero takes you back to the main menu and options 1-3.