News Items

The Food Bank
St. Mary's Harvest Contribution.

Prisoner Penfriends
Supportive Charity called 'Prisoner Penfriends'

Vicar of St. Mary's
The Revd. Michelle Goodrich becomes Vicar of the Parish of St. Mary Magdalene

Father Bryan Halson
Father Bryan celebrates Holy Communion for the final time at St. Mary's

St. Mary's Kneeler
St. Mary's welcomes the return of a valued kneeler

A Labyrinth
This labyrinth depicts us in the shape of a tree.

Keep up to date with events at St. Marys

Welcome Michelle
St. Mary's new Priest in Charge

Data Protection
The PCC of St. Mary Magdalene's Data Privacy Notice.

Dementia Friendly Church Service
Details of a monthly church service at the URC Alsager