Diocese of Chester - Child Sexual Abuse Report

From the
Bishop of Chester:

This E-Bulletin comes in the week that the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has published its report into the Church of England, including in our own diocese. I welcome this report and am grateful to the Inquiry for their diligent work and to survivors who bravely gave evidence to assist the IICSA Panel.

Though it may be painful for us to read, it is vital that we do. We must never lose sight of the harm that has been caused and recognise that for many their pain is lifelong. We must respond well and we must care for survivors of such abuse. I wholeheartedly support Bishop Jonathan in the work he has been leading in this regard. I am grateful, too, for the many examples of good practice we already have in the Church. However, this report presents an opportunity for us to learn together and continue to improve our understanding and practice so that we can become the Christ-shaped church we are called to be: beacons of light, life, and hope for all, genuinely safe space for all in our society.
My thoughts and prayers, though, are with those who have survived abuse in any context, but especially those whose abuse has taken place within the Church. 
Please, if this raises issues for you, know that there are people to whom you can talk and be assured of my prayers.


Are you affected by the publication of this report? 


If you or anyone you are in contact with are affected by the publication of this report and want to talk to someone independently please call the Safe Spaces helpline on 0300 303 1056 or email safespaces@victimsupport.org.uk

There are also other support services available.

Alternatively, you may contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser in the Diocese of Chester, via email or phone: 07703 800031