The Food Bank

A Thank You on behalf of our food bank.

We have received a lovely letter dated 09.11.2020 thanking us for the first delivery of food (worth £168.04) and I also attached a photograph of our most recent delivery, Julians car was flattened into an estate size boot on Thursday and filled with £261.88 worth of goodies, this means from our total of £612.32 (which was collected after our Harvest Service and also via other donations which have been sent in since) we still have a wonderful £182.40 available to spend in the new Year (which is when they have asked us to help them . .. namely because in the coming weeks they are expecting donations from many of the schools who have made promises of help).



Until then I urge you all to pray for each others well being, to hold our country and in deed our world in your prayers, seeking God's guidance and wisdom not only in all that we do, but in all the decisions that are made which affect each of our lives, livelihoods and emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

Rev. Michelle


A second delivery from St. Mary's in January following a request for help from the Food Bank.