How St Mary's is run

A parochial church council (PCC) is the executive committee of a Church of England parish and consists of clergy and churchwardens of the parish, together with representatives of the laity.  St Mary Magdalene's PCC is during any interregnum Chaired by the Lay or Deputy Chairman.  The PCC shares the legal responsibilities of the Priest in Charge and churchwardens of maintaining the building and grounds and a pattern of orderly and regular worship. There are six elected members, plus two elected deanery synod reps, clergy and licensed lay workers and the honorary secretary and treasurer.

Churchwardens are elected annually under the provisions of the Churchwardens Measure 2001 by the Annual Meeting of Parishioners, as the senior lay people of the parish and congregation. Their term of office is one year, and they may serve for up to six consecutive terms of office, unless the Annual Meeting passes a resolution to set aside this rule. They are the Bishop’s officers, and are admitted to office each year by the Archdeacon, on behalf of the Bishop. Their first responsibility is to the Bishop, usually via the Archdeacon. They, with the parish priest, are generally responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the parish. Our Church Warden is Oliver Worrall - contact - or 07531 268688.

PCC Secretary is Karen Button who may be contacted on 01270 873241 or

PCC Treasurer:  this position is held by Wayne Hearne who may be contacted at

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