Who we are

Revd Michelle Susan Goodrich - Vicar of St. Mary Magdalene

With a career in retail behind her, and having served as a Reader for almost 10 years prior to ordination, Michelle was Deaconed in 2016 and Priested in June 2017.

She has spent approximately 27 months as curate at St. Peter's, Prestbury as part of a team which covered three very different churches. The worship styles varying from Liberal Evangelical to Anglo Catholic.

Together with her husband Julian, Michelle has strong active links with Cathedrals in both Kumasi and Mampong, Ghana, West Africa.                                                                            


Here are Revd Michelle's Contact details: 

07562 723 798,  rev.michelle.goodrich@gmail.com  or  vicar@stmarysalsager.org







Rev John Gleaves - Curate - writes  'After retiring as vicar of Alvanley and Manley, I have returned to my position as curate at St Mary’s, where I started off.  I regard my ministry as supporting the other clergy, members of the congregation and the wider community of the Church.'  Here are Father John's Contact details: 01270 878169   rev.johngleaves@googlemail.com  or  clergy@stmarysalsager.org  



Rev Dr Bryan Halson - Assistant Priest - writes 'I assist at St Mary’s in a voluntary capacity.  I see my role as supporting the ministry of St Mary’s in the community, assisting in the worship services, and (because I have helped at St Mary’s for over 40 years) being a sort of ‘link’ with the past!  Here are Father Bryan's Contact details: 01270 652393   bryan@bbhalson.wanadoo.co.uk

Mike Elkin - Licensed Reader - writes '  I assist at services at St Mary’s and visit members of the congregation who can no longer get to Church, to take Holy Communion to them.  I also conduct funerals and visit families to arrange the service with them. Here are Mike's Contact details: 01270 878454 patnmikelkin@btinternet.com

Christine Redstone - Licensed Pastoral Worker and leader of the Pastoral Team - writes 'I lead the team which provides pastoral support for the congregation and others in the community. We work with the clergy to respond to individual needs and facilitate the pastoral care. We also do our best to ensure a good welcome at St Mary's and to organise transport to and from church, as required.  Christine's Contact details:  01270 882200  christine@redstone.me.uk