Who we are

Revd Michelle Susan Goodrich - Vicar of St. Mary Magdalene

With a career in retail behind her, and having served as a Reader for almost 10 years prior to ordination, Michelle was Deaconed in 2016 and Priested in June 2017.

She has spent approximately 27 months as curate at St. Peter's, Prestbury as part of a team which covered three very different churches. The worship styles varying from Liberal Evangelical to Anglo Catholic.

Together with her husband Julian, Michelle has strong active links with Cathedrals in both Kumasi and Mampong, Ghana, West Africa.                                                                            


Here are Revd Michelle's Contact details:

07562 723 798,  rev.michelle.goodrich@gmail.com  or  vicar@stmarysalsager.org







Rev Jim Britcliffe, Curate - writes:  'After leaving school I followed my father and grandfather by working on the     railways. After twenty years I took redundancy and, after a spell working as a wedding photographer I became a driving instructor until I decided what I was going to do next. I never did make up my mind about what I was going to do next but God called me to ordination and I realised that being a driving instructor had never been my choice - God decided that I needed to learn about patience and that spending fifteen years as a driving instructor was the best way to learn.

It is both a great joy and a tremendous privilege to be invited to serve my curacy at St. Mary’s. I’m confident that alongside Michelle and the rest of the team here I can help to make St. Mary’s an even better place in which we can encounter God and, I pray, a place where the kingdom of God can grow.

Rev Jim can be contacted at  07536 184155 - curate@stmarysalsager.org



Rev John Gleaves, Associate Priest of the Parish -  writes: 'After retiring as vicar of Alvanley and Manley, I have returned to my position as curate at St Mary’s, where I started off.  I regard my ministry as supporting the other clergy, members of the congregation and the wider community of the Church.'  Here are Father John's Contact details:01270 878169  rev.johngleaves@googlemail.com  or  clergy@stmarysalsager.org  








Rev. Graham Joyce, Associate Priest of the Parish  - writes:   'I taught Maths in a Surrey school until 1987 when I trained in Bristol for Ordination. I was a curate in Heald Green then served as Rector at Church Lawton for 21 years, retiring in 2014. My passion is for the church to keep on growing more and more like Jesus – loving, compassionate, merciful, and helping those around us. It is important to me to be part of a church that welcomes and includes everyone as part of the church family.

I am very pleased to be joining the team at the Church of St Mary Magdalene.'

Here are Rev. Graham's Contact details: 01270 883621 / 07944 256156                                


Father John and Rev. Graham are both retired priests with permission to officiate.